Our Mission

Our ultimate aim

We exist to create a thriving food system that properly values food, the people involved in growing, distributing and eating it, and the ecosystems that produce it.

That’s right, we have ambitious goals, but with your help, we can build an alternative food system that benefits people, nature, and the planet!

We were founded in 2015 by The Kindling Trust, a Manchester-based not for profit with charitable aims. They’re on a mission to make our food system work for everyone, not just a few large corporations at the expense of farmers, local communities, the environment and public health. We work to connect people like you with truly fantastic fruit and veg produced by growers farming in an environmentally sustainable way.

Together we can build a food system where the benefits are shared equally and you can enjoy healthy veg that doesn’t cost the earth!

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Our impact

We offer more than just a veg bag: an opportunity to be part of a food revolution!

Over the past few years with the help of our wonderful customers, we’ve had an impact far beyond what could be achieved just by our small team…
Together we can build a food system where the benefits are shared equally and you can enjoy healthy veg that doesn’t cost the earth!

In 2023 our customers donated £2k  through our food access raffle
We donated £5,786 worth of food to local charities in 2023
In 2023 we spent £45k on produce from organic growers within 50 miles of Manchester
We work with 30+ community & environmental groups across Manchester

Want to learn more?

Check out the links below to find out how we can create a more fair and sustainable food system for all.

Supporting local organic growers

Our core aim is to link you with local organic growers producing delicious food just beyond your doorstep.

Meet our growers
Eating seasonally and sustainably

Eating seasonally isn’t what we’re used to, but the reward is more delicious and nutritious food for you and a more sustainable food system.

Explore our recipes
Why do we need a food revolution?

Our food system may look healthy, but beyond the supermarket warehouse door lies a wake of social and environmental destruction.

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Ready to join the revolution?

Order a veg bag today to support local organic growers and get access to some of the best produce our region has to offer, all year round.

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