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What’s in season?

We’re used to having any veg we want all year round, but that comes at a price. Much of the produce on offer in supermarkets is flown in from warmer climates leaving a big carbon footprint. Learning to eat seasonally and enjoying produce when it’s at its best is a great step towards living more sustainably.

Looking after your veg

Follow these simple tips to get the best out of your fruit and vegetables when you get them home.There are 2 types of vegetables: those that like to be cold, and those that don’t mind being at room temperature. All fruit and veg keeps longer in the dark at a constant temperature.

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Our top tips

Veg in fridge
  • The ideal temperature for your fridge is around 4℃
  • Be sure not to pack your veg too tightly in the fridge as this will make it spoil faster.
  • In warm weather, store most of your veg in the fridge, especially tomatoes and new potatoes.
Veg at room temperature
  • Vegetables that like to be kept at room temperature should be stored separately in a dark, dry cupboard to avoid sprouting or going mouldy.
  • Don’t wash your root veg before storage, this will shorten its shelf life. Just brush any excess mud off before storing.
Top tips for fruit
  • To encourage fruit to ripen, leave it in a warm, sunny spot. To make ripe fruit last longer, keep it in the fridge until an hour or so before you want to enjoy it.
  • Fruit naturally releases a chemical called ethylene as it ripens which causes nearby veg to spoil quicker, so store your fruit and veg separately.

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