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Our Growers

Meet our growers

We exist to connect organic growers with people who want to eat locally grown, sustainably farmed, seasonal fruit and veg. Here you can find out more about some of the local producers we work with and how we choose what to buy.

Kindling Farm
Kindling Farm is a new organic agroforestry farm in Knowsley, 30 miles from Manchester city centre.
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Lyncroft Farm
Lyncroft Farm is based just outside Ormskirk in Lancashire and has been farmed as an organic farm by Duncan Gielty for over 30 years.
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Kindling Market Garden
Kindling Market Garden is a one a half acre site operated by the Kindling Trust in Woodbank Park, Stockport.
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Libby Flintoff Organics
Brook House Farm is a 4.5 acre farm just north of Preston.
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Our buying policy

Prioritising local

We buy from:

  • Growers within 50 miles of Manchester when possible.
  • UK growers when local produce isn’t available.
  • EU wholesalers for crops that can’t be grown in the UK or for produce outside the UK growing season.

To keep emissions down we never buy produce transported by air.

Working with growers
  • We pay growers a price reflecting the true cost of production
  • We work with growers to coordinate crops, reducing risk and waste for them
  • We support growers to convert to organic by buying from them during conversion*

*Under Soil Association standards it takes 3 years to convert from conventional to organic production. For the first year growers aren’t certified but will be working with the SA for accreditation. In the second year they’re certified as ‘in-conversion’. We will tell you if any produce comes from a grower in conversion.

Supporting organic production
  • We and all of our growers are certified by the Soil Association, ensuring:
    • Minimal artificial herbicides and pesticides on your fruit and veg
    • Reduced emissions and increased biodiversity compared to conventional farms
    • Fantastic taste and quality

Want to enjoy locally grown produce?

Order a veg bag today to support local organic growers and get access to some of the best produce our region has to offer, all year round.

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