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Kindling Market Garden is a one a half acre site operated by the Kindling Trust in Woodbank Park, Stockport.

The site was previously a Council-run plant nursery which fell largely out of use in 2011. The Kindling Trust took on the site in 2015 and worked to transform it into a fully certified organic market garden with a special focus on training new organic growers and getting more people aware of and involved in growing their own food.

Head grower Aoife currently looks after the running of the market garden with the help of assistant grower Dan and training coordinator Helen. They specialise in growing various salads throughout the year, and crops such as broad and French beans, courgettes, cucumbers, chard and herbs during the main growing season.

If you’re interested in getting into growing you can sign up to one of their weekend volunteering sessions or get involved with the Community Gardeners who meet regularly to cultivate their own corner of the site. The site also hosts a number of community events throughout the year, such as the annual harvest festival in September.

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