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Kindling Farm is a new organic agroforestry farm in Knowsley, 30 miles from Manchester city centre.

Brought with the help of over 800 community shareholders in spring 2023, work is currently underway to transform this 78 acre conventional farm into a pioneering example of organic agroforestry for the Northwest.

A wide range of organic fruits and vegetables will be grown at the farm, from fields filled with fruit trees and field scale crops (like squash, root veg, greens and beans) to polytunnels growing produce more sensitive to our cooler climate (like strawberries, salads and tomatoes).

The farm is set to be the largest organic agroforestry farm in the North West. This method of farming uses a mix of trees grown amongst more traditional food crops,leading to increased biodiversity and improved soil health and water management compared to conventional farming methods.

Kindling Farm will not only grow fantastic organic fruit and veg for our veg bags and other businesses in the North West. It will also provide training and employment opportunities for aspiring organic growers and people wanting to get into the wider food business with a a farm shop and cafe as well as potential future enterprises such as bakery, brewery etc.

Eventually, the farm will also host the Centre for Social Change. This will be a focal point for climate and wildlife friendly food and farming; for local and national groups, farmers and communities to come together, discuss ideas, learn from the lessons at Kindling Farm and together create a fairer and more sustainable food system.

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